Multiple Vacancies at Relif International

About Relief International

RI is active in 15 countries around the world, including some of the most fragile: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq , Jordan, Lebanon, Myanmar , Pakistan,Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.Of ten, RI is the only organization providing assistance to highly vulnerable communities.

 Globally RI employs about 5,000 staff and auxiliary workers

 97% of staff are local nationals and a bout 90 international (expat) staff

About South Sudan Country Program

Relief International (RI) has been active in South Sudan since 2006 and operating across the Upper Nile State meeting the needs of the most vulnerable communities. In addition to its head office in Juba, RI operates six field offices in the counties of Maban, Longechuk, Ulang, Maiwut, Renk, Melut and Nasir in Upper Nile. We deliver an integrated response to the humanitarian crisis in the Upper Nile State, directly providing life-saving Health and Nutrition, WASH, Economic Opportunity and Protection services through a conflict sensitive approach to refugees, IDPs, returnees and rural host communities, targeting particularly at-risk individuals and households. Given the fluidity of the emergency in South Sudan, Relief International’s response has remained highly flexible, responding to people’s most pressing needs.

Africa/ Asia Region

RI operates in nine countries in the Africa/Asia region: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan, with a focus on the f our RI sector pillars: Health, WASH, Education and Economic Opportunity unity. We employ more than 3 ,000 staff (direct and indirect) in the Africa/Asia region and implements a range of emergency response and development programs.
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