Online Course in Business Management - (and other 10 courses)..August Intake

Online Course in Business Management

Deadline to Apply: 30 June 2019…

Mode: Online (pdf notes, videos, mp3 audios, online chat, community work and assignments).

Start Date: July 2019

End Date: December 2019

Duration: 6 months (2 hours a day)

Tuition Fee: USD 400 (payable in full or four installments, other administrative cost not included)

Certificate Offered: YES

Assessment: online continuous assessment tests, class work and final exam at a center near your city.


  1. Online Training in Computerized Accounting-USD 200 (and other diploma courses)
  2. Online Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management - August Intake -USD 250/Semester
  3. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management August 2019-August 2020
  4. Online Diploma in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) August 2019 - USD 250/Semester
  5. Online Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation---- August Intake -USD 250/Semester
  6. Online Diploma in Community Health - April 2019 to April 2020
  7. Online Diploma in Social Work - August 2019 - USD 250/Semester
  8. 100% Online Community Total Led Sanitation (CTLS) Course -USD 150
  9. Occupational Health and Safety Online Course - USD 350
  10. Online Diploma in Public Health ---August Intake -USD 250/Semester
  11. Online Course in Business Management - (and other 10 courses)..August Intake
    About Helites College
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About the Course
The certificate in Business Management Program seeks to prepare students for effective participation in the business world. The goal of the program is to enable graduates apply sound business principles. The broad based courses covering various aspects of business management, lays a strong foundation for the graduate to join diploma in business administration.

Objectives of the Program

  • Demonstrate knowledge of various functions of management
  • Apply modern knowledge, skills and attitudes in managing various business functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interface between economics and business.
  • Manage business enterprise within the legal requirements
  • Use modern research approaches to solve business problems
  • Apply entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes in managing businesses.

Units Offered


  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting


  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Business Law
  • Fundamentals of Marketing


  • Principles of Purchasing
  • Principles of Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Finance

How to Apply/Admissions
i) Download the application form, click the arrow or blue words Helites College Application Form.doc (69.5 KB)
ii) Fill the form.
iii) Save it with your full name and course e.g. Mary Application Management
iv) Send the filled form to: [email protected] or [email protected]
iv) Write the subject of the email: Certificate in Management
v) Wait for your admission letter
vi) Pay full amount or first installment
vii) Start receiving learning materials and assistance

For More Information:

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