Diploma in Criminology and Security Management August 2019-August 2020


Mode: Online


Start Dates: August 2019,

End Dates: August 2020

Deadline to Apply: 31st July 2019

Duration: 12 months (2 hours a day of PERSONAL self-paced studies)

NB : You do not attend classes, we shall send you notes to your email, you study them, do assignments and send to us for marking. Final examination will be done physically by you in Juba city

Certificate and Transcript Offered: YES

Assessment: online continuous assessment tests, final exam at a center near your city


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About Helites College

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About Security Management Course

This course is much beneficial to anyone seeking professional recognition and qualification within the security sector at middle and senior management levels. The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public security sectors, with or without security management experience.

Learners will acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes on security management, understand the administration of public safety and security organizations, their roles in an integrated public and private sector security system and establish a pool of knowledge that will lead to professionalism in the public and private security sectors through application of security management principles in crime prevention, safety and loss prevention.

Targets for this Course
This course is best for security personnel in government, non-govermental and private sector, those who own security companies, police officers, security managers, leaders, community leaders, NGO staff and employee, civil servants, students in colleges or universities, management and implementation staff.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, the grandaunts will have gained skill, knowledge and experience:

a) To explore the nature, types, approaches and security new security related challenges and to boost human capacity to manage crime at local, grassroots and community levels.

b) Equip learners with skills to conduct scientific investigations and interpret official documents in addition to analysing some of the major debates that dominate the existing literature on scientific crime investigation, prevention and management.

c) To train human resource required in various security related careers and professions within the public and private sector as well as skills to conduct criminology and investigative research.


Unit 1: Introduction to Criminology

Unit 2: Principles of Security Management

Unit 3: Criminal Law

Unit 4: Communication Skills


Unit 5: Sociology

Unit 6: Principles of Management

Unit 7: Forensic criminology

Unit 8: Law of Evidence


Unit 9: Psychology of Criminal Behavior

Unit 10: Criminal Investigation

Unit 11: Penology and Victimology

Unit 12: Crime Prevention


Attachment (3 months) at a security firm or department of your choice


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iv) Send the filled form to: [email protected]

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