Malteser International-ITB for construction of 25 blocks of latrines in Jubek State

(Nermin Silajdzic) #1

Malteser International_ITB_JUB_2019_0059 for 25 latrine construction.doc (220 KB)
Malteser Iinternational General Conditions of Contract for Works.doc (217 KB)
Malteser International-unicef Public latrine plan.pdf (74.6 KB)
Malteser International-BoQ-Health Center(Both Male and Female).xlsx (21.1 KB)
Malteser International-BoQ-Public Place (Market).xlsx (16.3 KB)
Malteser International-BoQ-School (Both boys and girsl)_.xlsx (21.8 KB)
Malteser International-Boy Latrine Blocks.pdf (78.1 KB)
Malteser International-Female PHCC.pdf (72.1 KB)
Malteser International-Girls Latrine Block.pdf (79.1 KB)
Malteser International-Male PHCC.pdf (74.9 KB)
Malteser International-unicef public latrine layout.pdf (85.8 KB)