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Request for Applications (RFA) from local Development Organizations to serve as USADF’s Partner Organization in South Sudan.

The United States African Development Foundation (USADF), an independent agency of the United States Government, is seeking applications from organizations that have the expertise and experience to provide technical assistance and support to grassroots groups who are seeking or are recipients of funding from USADF. The prospective Partner organization will be based in Juba.

USADF supports private businesses, farmers’ cooperatives, associations, and various community-based organizations, especially those serving marginalized peoples, engaged in economic and social development activities. The Foundation established its funding activities in South Sudan in 2005. USADF’s Country Program office in Juba provides on-going support to projects that have been financed and continues to develop new projects in a participatory manner with local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that show potential to create employment opportunities, generate incomes, and have broad social impact beyond the project activity.

USADF provides funds to South Sudanese small and medium [PO1] enterprises and community-based groups, particularly those benefiting youth and women, in the Agricultural Production, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Off-Grid Energy. sectors[PO2] , to secure the technical, managerial, and marketing assistance they need to enhance their impact and sustainability. A strong preference for organizations with agricultural development experience. Funding criteria for USADF’s projects emphasize the following principles:

Ø community participation and ownership.

Ø significant economic and social impact on low-income communities; and

Ø impact commensurate with the level of investment, sustainability, and potential for replication of the activity.

Through this RFA, USADF seeks applications from not-for-profit organizations and for-profit firms that are willing to forego profits that would be interested in partnering with USADF to strengthen their own capacity and have the core competency and experience needed to assist small and medium enterprises[PO3] and community-based economic interest groups in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of community-based enterprise development and expansion projects. Applicant organizations must have experience providing technical assistance, training, organizational management skills, marketing analysis and production and planning to indigenous community groups and businesses to ensure that their economic activities are financially sustainable, benefit low-income communities, and meet performance targets.

USADF will award a one-year cooperative agreement grant, which may be renewable for up to five years of service depending on performance during the initial year and each subsequent year of the cooperative agreement. USADF does not award profit under assistance instruments. However, all reasonable, allocable, and allowable expenses, which are related to the cooperative agreement program and are in accordance with United States Government regulations may be paid under the cooperative agreement.

An electronic copy of the RFA may be obtained by request at [email protected]. Additional information about USADF can also be obtained from our website. Any questions concerning the RFA should be directed [email protected]. The submission deadline for proposals is February 1, 2024 at 16:59 hours Eastern Daylight Time (23:59 Juba time). Successful candidates will be contacted within 60 days.

[PO1]And medium

[PO2]Entrepreneurship, and off-grid energy

[PO3]And medium