Malteser International_ITT_WAU_2023_0038 Borehole drilling and Equipping with Indian Mark II hand pump in Wau County, Western Bahr El Ghazal.

Malteser International is the international humanitarian relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. For over 60 years we provide relief and recovery for people during and following conflicts and disasters around the world. Christian values and humanitarian principles form the foundations of our work. In over 30 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, we support people in need – regardless of their religion, origin or political convictions.

Malteser International has been working in the geographic area of today’s South Sudan since 1996. MI implements a multi-sectoral program including Food & Nutrition Security, Livelihoods, WASH, health and peaceful conflict resolution. This includes activities such as agricultural trainings, cash distributions, food for education and access to water, sanitation and hygiene. The program is aiming to increase its work with local partner Organizations in order to Optimise its sustainability. Furthermore, MI applies a participatory, gender sensitive and inclusive approach in its programming. As of today, MI maintains its country office in Juba while operating a program office in Wau and project offices in Uyujuku and Yei.

Invitation to Tender MI_ITT_WAU_2023_0038 for Borehole drilling and Equipping with Indian Mark II hand pump in Wau County, Western Bahr El Ghazal (specifically at Catholic Parishes in Mboro, Ngodakala and Hai Calvario)

Deadline: On 22nd March 2023 at or before 4:00PM

Tender submission

We look forward to receiving your tenders via E-mail to, [[email protected], on 22nd March 2023 at or before 4:00PM

Tender clarifications

Send an email to the Logistics Manager at: [email protected].

1- MI_ITT_WAU_2023_0038 Borehole Drilling and equipping with Indian mark II handpump. pdf (141.4 KB)
2- SOB-WAU-2023-0038 Borehole drilling and equipping pdf.pdf (392.4 KB)
3- Proposed Bill of Quantity for Borehole drilling and Equipping - Wau County ( Mboro , Ngodakala and Hai Calvario).pdf (139.2 KB)
4- Proposed work plan for drilling of 3 boreholes Wau Count.pdf (96.3 KB)
5- BoQ borehole drilling List of technical personnel.pdf (71.1 KB)
6- BoQ drilling - Projects undertaken in the last 1 year - Examples.pdf (78.1 KB)
7- Mandatory principles of humanitarian aid procurement.docx (85.0 KB)
8- [MI Whistleblowing.PDF(upload://3kiDPo75IrFHdOFU0y4yrRW671E.PDF) (1007.3 KB)
9- Questionnaire for tender.docx (102.4 KB)