JUBA WORKSHOP: DATA ANALYSIS COURSE (SPSS., Advanced EXCEL, STATA & QUICKBOOKS) in JUBA- September. & October-Jubek Women Union Hall-USD. 100 for One Week Per Course


VENUE: JUBEK WOMEN UNION, Hai Neem, behind UAP Towers in Juba

HOW TO STUDY: Face to face with facilitator in Juba and online assistance (pdf notes, videos, mp3 audios, online chat, SEMINAR and assignments).

BOOK YOUR SEAT BEFORE: 30th August 2019.

Course Fee: USD 100 (payable in our bank account either in full or Installments)

Mon-16 - 17 September: SPSS

Wed-18 - 19 September: Advanced Excel

Fri-20 - 21 September: STATA

Next-week- Quickbooks

TIME OF STUDY: Option 1: Morning 8 am-2 pm
Option 2. Weekend 8 am to 5 pm

Certificate & Transcripts Offered: YES

Assessment: practice at the workshop, and two exams for each course

Course Objectives
• To teach participants the advanced formulas, how to use which formula, editing of formulas and advanced data analysis
• To equip learners with data management knowledge, analysis of qualitative and quantitative statistics and reporting
• To elaborate on research process, data collection methods and making inferences

Advanced EXCEL: Course Outline
i. Introduction to Advanced Excel
ii. Data Validation
iii. Preparing Data for Analysis
iv. Methods of Summarizing Data
v. Excel Statistic Functions
vi. Descriptive Statistics using Excel
vii. Inferential Statistics using Excel
viii. Reporting

SPSS: Course Outline
i. SPSS interface and features
ii. Data storage types, measures & data management in SPSS
iii. Creating & editing quantitative & categorical graphs/charts
iv. Advanced data tabulation
v. Point estimation & hypotheses testing
vi. Inferential analysis
vii. Time series & Panel analysis

STATA: Course Outline
i Introduction to Stata
ii Graphics using stata
iii Statistical tests using stata
iv Associations in Stata
v Predictive Models using Stata
Panel data analysis using data
Time series analysis using Stata
Econometric analysis

NVIVO: Course Outline
i. Introduction to Qualitative Research
ii. Introduction to NVIVO
iii. Nodes in NVIVO
iv. Data Classifications
v. Coding
vi. Thematic Analysis in NVIVO
vii. Building on the Analysis
viii. Results Interpretation and Reporting
ix. Visualizing NVIVO project
x. Triangulation of Data Sources

QUICKBOOKS Course Outline:
Getting Started with QuickBooks (Introduction, Overview of Accounting Terms and Key Financial Reports, Creating a New Company and Importing Contact, Preferences

Setting Up QuickBooks for your Business Introduction Installing, Getting Around and Customizing the Icon Bar, Sample Files and File Types, Moving between Company Files, Getting Help with QuickBooks and Integrated Help, Summary

Working with Lists and Centers (Introduction, Overview and Managing Lists, Chart of Accounts, Customer / Job List, Vendor List, Items List, Asset list, Working with Customer and Vendor Centers, Lead Center Add/Edit List Multiples, Summary

Receiving Payments and Making Deposits (Introduction, Customer and Payments Center, Petty cash management, Collections Center, Summary

Customers and Managing Accounts Receivable (Introduction, Account Payable – Enter and Pay Bills, Entering Check, Debit Card Purchase, EFT Payments, Printing Checks, Working with Registers, Summary

Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts (Introduction, Reconcile Bank Accounts, Summary

Reports and Graphs (Introduction, Quick Reports on Lists, Report Center and Contributed Reports, Excel Integration and Data Refresh, Graphs and Company Snapshot and Summary, Budgeting, planning and forecasting


  1. JUBA WORKSHOP: DATA ANALYSIS COURSE (SPSS., Advanced EXCEL, STATA & QUICKBOOKS) in JUBA- September. & October-Jubek Women Union Hall-USD. 100 for One Week Per Course

  2. Certificate in Community Total Led Sanitation (CTLS) - September 2019

  3. JUBA Workshop/Seminar in Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks) USD 100 in Juba September

  4. Online Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management - September 2019 USD 250/Semester

  5. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management September 2019-September 2020

  6. Online Diploma in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) September 2019 - USD 250/Semester

  7. Online Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation September Intake - USD 250/Semester

  8. Online Diploma in Community Health - September 2019

  9. Online Certificate in Grant Proposal Writing (and 10 Diploma Courses inside).September 2019

  10. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management September 2019.........USD 250

  11. Online Diploma in Social Work - August 2019 - USD 250/Semester SEPTEMBER INTAKE

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