Science Teachers’ Initiative (STI) is a relief and development not for profit non-governmental organization with a goal to improve the quality of education in Africa and promote the use of scientific knowledge, innovation, and research in solving socio-economic challenges.

STI is transforming education through Practical approach to Science, ICT and ECD innovations, publication of supplementary teaching and learning materials that enhance practical hands on-learner centered methodologies, school self-help projects, literacy for lifelong learning (3Ls), child protection, education in emergencies, home schooling and access to inclusive quality education with full community participation and engagement.

STI *works closely in partnership with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MOGEI), the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), the community at all levels, and religious leaders to ensure provision of inclusive quality education with inclusive community participation and engagement. We work with local and religious leaders to develop transformative solution which are both sustainable at the hands of the communities themselves. *
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