Islamic Relief South Sudan-RFP Consultanacy Service Tonj North Warrap state

Islamic Relief is an international aid and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people. It is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 1984.
As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.
Our vision:
Inspired by our Islamic faith and guided by our values, we envisage a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others.
Our mission:
Exemplifying our Islamic values, we will mobilise resources, build partnerships, and develop local capacity, as we work to:
Enable communities to mitigate the effect of disasters, prepare for their occurrence and respond by providing relief, protection and recovery.
Promote integrated development and environmental custodianship with a focus on sustainable livelihoods.
Support the marginalised and vulnerable to voice their needs and address root causes of poverty.
We allocate these resources regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return.
At the international level, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) has consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, and is a signatory to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct. IRW is committed to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through raising awareness of the issues that affect poor communities and through its work on the ground. Islamic Relief are one of only 13 charities that have fulfilled the criteria and have become members of the Disasters Emergency Committee (
IRW endeavours to work closely with local communities, focussing on capacity-building and empowerment to help them achieve development without dependency.
Please see our website for more information
we there invite eligible firm/individual to conduct training for goverment and comunity leaders CBNRM&CMDRR and comunity awareness. See attached TOT for details:TOR for consultancy service -Tonj North Warrap State.pdf (4.6 MB)