Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Health Programmes

Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Health Programmes.


To properly understand a program we need to measure it well. We need to know what to measure, how to measure, how to interpret the measures, and how to convey the information we have gathered…

This course introduces methods and tools necessary for monitoring and evaluating public health programs during routine public health activities as well as during large scale emergencies and public health crises.

Core Modules to be covered;

• The Role of Strategic Information in Decision Making
• M&E Frameworks
• Developing M&E Plans
• Indicator Selection and Interpretation
• Data Demand and Use
• Assessment of Data Quality
• Data Analysis
• Introduction to Use of GIS in M&E
• Gender Issues in M&E
• M&E Issues in Population, Reproductive Health/PMTCT, Malaria and TB Programs

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Identify health and population decisions that can be informed by M&E
• make informed M&E decisions
• Describe the basic concepts and practical approaches to conducting M&E
• Describe information systems and data flow
• Assess quality of data used in M&E
• Disseminate and use M&E information strategically
• Gain hands on experience in developing an M&E plan
Gain hands-on experience in Data Analysis using Stata

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