AMALNA-Consultancy Service for Development of Simple Strategic Plan

Amalna South Sudan is a Non-governmental, Not-For-Profit National NGO founded and registered by RRC since 2016. Our Mission is to promote access to information, effective citizen participation, and accountable government enabling people to equitably enjoy their wellbeing.

Amalna South Sudan is a convener for the South Sudan localization lab. The lab comprises of 11 South Sudan national organizations that include AMA, AYA, NH, ADA, CARD, CEDs, AMALNA, NSDO, THESO, PIDO and CHIIDO. The South Sudan localization lab is supported by Network of Empowered Aide Response (NEAR).

NEAR is a global South network at the forefront of empowering and mobilizing actors from the Global South to drive change in the humanitarian and development sectors. As a network of local civil society organizations reinventing aid through innovative ideas, knowledge sharing, and influencing, NEAR envisions a world where local communities have the capacity, resources, and agency to address the development and humanitarian challenges that impact them.
Local is powerful. Local organizations are often at the forefront of crises, demonstrating effectiveness and speed in their responses, ultimately saving lives within the critical initial days of an emergency. Local organizations are the entrepreneurs and innovators in finding solutions to challenges that they intimately understand. NEAR aims to build on this and to shape a system where local communities are the recognized agents of change with the capacity to address the challenges that impact their communities.

Amalna South Sudan would like to invite competent firm/Individuals to conduct a simple strategic plan for its localization lab in South Sudan.
Interested applicants should submit applications by email to [email protected]. Deadline for submission is April 18, 2024, by 5:00PM.
TOR for NEAR 202404012.pdf (697.6 KB)