Vacancy; Consultant

Terms of Reference

Development of a Training Manual

Functional Title: Consultant

Organizational unit: UNESCO Juba Office

Duration of the contract: 1 September- 30 November 2019


UNESCO in partnership with UNDP are implementing a project entitled “Peace and Community Cohesion (PaCC)” (SSD0102663) that aims at to contribute to the reduction and mitigation of community level conflict and insecurity by investing in initiatives that address key drivers of conflict and insecurity.

Over the years, the media has become an effective platform towards contributing to mitigation of conflicts in communities especially when the media workers/journalists are informed and knowledgeable about conflict sensitive reporting and peace journalism issues. To support communities and empower local media, capacity building for communities and journalists to ensure sustainable transition to peace and democracy and also maintain professional standards will be prioritized. Journalists need to acquire adequate knowledge of conflict theory, as well as additional reporting skills and the analytical “know how” to be able to report accurately, impartially, safely and they should be gender sensitive within conflict situations. Understanding the influence of media as it operates and how it can contribute to conflict situations is essential if journalists are going to play a part in promoting peace and reconciliation.

The project interventions will strengthen the role of mass media from merely reporting issues and events to: (a) understanding and clarifying issues and events from diverse perspectives including historical and socio-political contexts; (b) informing and educating the public on history, culture, political structure, and aspirations of various ethnic groups as a means of promoting cultural understanding and therefore reducing, if not eliminating, prejudice, stereotyping and violence and © providing a platform for expressing views and opinions, dialogue and consensus-building within and among different communities.

It is on the basis of the above that UNESCO seeks a competent consultant to develop a practical 5-day training manual/tool kit for journalists/media professionals on conflict sensitive reporting and conduct a 3-day training for journalists/media professionals.


Under the overall authority of the Head of UNESCO Juba Office and direct supervision of the Communication and Information Specialist, the incumbent shall undertake the following tasks:

  1. In close consultation with UNESCO, UNDP and media stakeholders develop a 5-day practical training manual/toolkit for journalists/media workers adapted from the UNESCO manual entitled Conflict Sensitive Reporting: state of the art; a course for journalists and journalism educators

  2. In partnership with the National Media Trainer, the Consultant will conduct a 3-day capacity building workshop on gender and conflict sensitive reporting for 60 journalists drawn from national, local and community media; print, radio, TV and online journalists and ensuring at-least 35% gender representation.

  3. In this regard, the consultant will be required to develop the 3-day training programme, ensuring that it covers the following among others;

• Basic understanding of what conflict sensitive reporting is in relation to standards of practice for journalists.
• Awareness of conflict dynamics especially how violent conflict most commonly begins, and recognize social structures that can channel conflict to violence.
• Understand several different patterns of conflict resolution and recognize elements of the process such as demands, needs and shared interests.
• Understand parallels between reliable journalism and conflict mediation.
• Understand the essential role of objectivity and truth-seeking in reporting on conflict.
• Appreciate journalism’s opportunities and constraints in reporting comprehensively on conflict and promote understanding of techniques such as appropriate language, and framing of information.
• Recognize specific problems and possible solutions confronting conflict-sensitive journalists.
• Provide skills and details to participants on how to organize and facilitate community peace forums.
• Provide understanding of gender related issues and gender responsive reporting.

  1. Ensure the trainees fill and return to UNESCO and UNDP the training assessment forms.

It is expected that by the end of the 3-day capacity building training, participants will have been equipped with the skills and knowledge below;

• Increased professionalism in reporting on conflict.
• Strengthened capacity to analyze conflict and make conflict sources, processes and identify possible solutions more transparent to society.
• Strengthened reporting skills in use of imagery and language, responding to hate speech.
• Strengthened awareness of gender issues and establishing gender balance in reporting on conflict.


A. To be used during development of the training manual/toolkit

• To work towards development of a practical training manual/toolkit, the consultant will be expected to develop pre-evaluation questionnaires to conduct a pre-training assessment with key national media institutions to determine training needs/gaps for journalists and media houses in relation to conflict sensitive reporting. It is on the basis of the training needs identified that the draft training manual/tool kit will be developed to suit the South Sudan context.

• It is expected that the consultant will, pre-test the draft training manual/tool kit and based on inputs, finalize the manual.

B. To be used during the training

• Participatory lecture method
• Group discussion and presentation
• Plenary sessions
• Provision of handouts to participants
• Utilization of the 3-day training material complimented by the UNESCO training manual on Conflict- Sensitive Reporting


• Provide a work plan clearly indicating start and finish dates of the 5-day training toolkit as well as training programme with details on methodology to be used during the capacity building workshop of journalists/media workers.

• The final 5-day training manual and narrative report to be submitted on or before 30 November 2019. The report should highlight concrete results achieved by the workshop and reflect views of the participants about the workshop. It should also be accompanied by copies of the presentations made and a full set of training materials used.

Target group

• 60 radio correspondents/ journalists from various radio stations around the country.

• Media Managers/ editors and Media Associations

Expected Deliverables

It is expected that by the end of the consultancy;

• A standard practical 5-day training manual/toolkit on conflict sensitive reporting/peace journalism developed and tested.
• 60 Journalists trained on conflict sensitive reporting/peace journalism
• The 3-day training toolkit/materials used during the capacity building workshop
• Final narrative report and training manual/toolkit submitted to UNESCO Juba Office


Consultant rates shall be per UNESCO standard rules and regulations, based on background, knowledge and experience.

How to Submit

Submit a copy of your CV, and cover letter justifying why you are the best candidate for this role. In addition, submit a work plan for the development of the training manual/toolkit.

Submit via; [email protected] by 22 August 2019, 5:00pm (Juba time)