Vacancies at National Empowerment of Positive Women United (NEPWU)

The National Empowerment of Positive Women United is a Women-Led National Non-Governmental Organization, established in July 2013 by groups of women/ girls living with and affected by HIV and finally registered in 2014 under Ministry of Justice and then RRC. NEPWU is the only network of women and girls living with HIV in South Sudan, with focus on promoting strong community-based service delivery, advocacy on rights, and empowerment with registered memberships in all 10 states. NEPWU with support from USAID is seeking a qualify south Sudanese to fill the various position. refer to the below attachment for more details.
M&E Assistant.pdf (809.7 KB)
Porject Manager.pdf (776.9 KB)
Peoject Finance Officer.pdf (972.9 KB)
Project Assist.pdf (908.7 KB)