USAID Regulations Training on 13 march 2017


This five-day workshop covers the many rules and regulations associated with USAID funding, through the lens of NGOs based outside of the US that receive US Government funding, either directly or as a sub-award. This highly participatory course provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to the challenges in managing USAID awards and ensuring compliant project implementation.

While the focus of this training is USAID funding for grants and cooperative agreements, it also provides a good foundation for understanding funding from other US Government agencies.


The training is meant for individual participants and teams of employees that are in the following USAID funded project departments:

  • Finance, contracts, and grants
  • Programs and Administration
  • New business development
  • Human resources
  • Any experienced NGO employee who needs an update on the rules and regulations
  • Independent auditors (including representatives from certified public accounting firms who perform compliance or financial audits within the development sector)


This workshop equips employees of non-US NGOs with:

  • A detailed look at USAID grants and cooperative agreements and the necessary strategies for successful award and program management. You will learn how to:

  • Navigate and apply USAID rules and regulations to ensure compliant and successful program implementation

  • Build and manage collaborative relationships with key players related to your award

  • Explain the relationship between your organizational policies and the regulations

  • Identify when approvals, waivers, and extensions are required, as well as how to obtain them

  • Develop strategies for finding the answers to common and complex issues (e.g., determining allowable costs, correct procedures for purchasing equipment, property disposition, limits on budget revision, cost share, documentation requirements, avoiding common audit findings)


Module 1

  • Introduction to USAID, Its Regulations, and Organizational Set-Up

  • Why USAID Rules and Regulations

  • Organization of USAID

  • USAID/Field Mission Organizations

  • Funding framework

  • Assistance vs Acquisition

  • Award Mechanisms

  • US vs Non-US Regulations

  • Implementation of Assistance Awards

  • How is USAID Organized

  • Rules and Regulations Map

  • Working effectively with USAID

  • Manage and Effective Relationship with USAID

  • Best Practices with Agreement Officer

  • Award package – Cover letter, Award, Schedule

  • Highlights in an Award

  • Developing an Award Brief

  • Standard Provisions

  • Financial Management

  • Allowable costs

  • Accounting, Audit and Records

  • Amendments, Budget Revisions

  • Notices

  • Bank Accounts, Interest

  • Payment, Advances, and Reimbursements

  • Good Financial Practices

  • Accounting Records

  • Property

  • Title to end use of property inventory management

  • Inventory Management

  • Disposition of Property

Module 2

  • Procurement

  • Procurement Concepts and Procedures

  • Competitive Procurement

  • Procurement Files

  • Ineligible and Restricted Goods

  • Ineligible Procurement

  • Restricted Goods

  • Source & Nationality

  • Update

  • Definitions

  • Scope and Application

  • Geographic Codes

  • Source of Commodities

  • Nationality of Suppliers

  • Foreign Government Controlled Organizations

  • Nationality of Staff and Consultants

  • Leases

  • Restricted Commodities

  • Waivers

  • Procurement Resources

  • Cost Principles

  • Cost Principles

  • Prior Approval

  • Allowability

  • Reasonableness

  • Allocability

  • Selected Items of Cost

  • Items that Require Prior Approval

  • Unallowable Costs

  • Selected Items of Cost

Module 3

  • Mandatory Standard Provisions:

  • Marking

  • Termination and Suspension

  • Preventing Terrorist Financing

  • Required as Applicable Provisions:

  • Indirect Costs – Fixed Amounts

  • Subaward

  • Air Travel and Transportation

  • Shipment of Goods and non-Business Travel

  • Cost Share or Matching

  • Leveraging

  • Program Income

  • Other Selected Standard Provisions


  • Types of audits
  • Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients
  • US Government Financial Audits
  • US Government Performance Audits


The training event fee is USD$1050. This caters for Facilitation, 2 Refreshment breaks (Morning and Afternoon Snack) and Buffet Lunch during the entire training period.
This fee does not cover accommodation and travel logistics. We can organize for your Accommodation and Airport pick up at an Extra cost.

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