Training on Quality Management System, 23rd to 27th Mar 2020 Nairobi Kenya

Event Details: Training on Quality Management Systems


While Quality isn’t a new business concept, quality goods and services do continue to play a key role in generating the reputation that can give your organization its competitive edge. Consistently offering high quality leads to loyal customers, who can reward your company with positive recommendations that lead to new customers. The Quality Management System (QMS) approach changed the way businesses look at everything from customers, to human resources, to manufacturing and service processes.

Key Takeaways

After completing this ISO 9001:2015, you will understand:

  • The purpose of a quality management system and of quality management system standards
  • The business benefits of improved performance as a result of a quality management system
  • The structure and content of ISO 9001 and its relationship with ISO 9000
  • The specific quality management related requirements of ISO 9001
  • Performance evaluation
  • Identification and reporting of non-conformances in the process audit
  • Evaluating corrective actions for root cause and effectiveness
  • Auditing techniques including effective auditing of management
  • Design and development controls
  • Leadership and commitment for the quality management system
  • Understanding risks and opportunities
  • Determination of requirements for products and services
  • Control of externally provided products and services

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This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered your preferred location.

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