Training course on Monitoring and Evaluation for Governance(Decentralization and Local Governance)

Training course on Monitoring and Evaluation for Governance(Decentralization and Local Governance)


This is a professional development workshop that seeks to provide the participants with useful knowledge required to develop effective frameworks for monitoring, evaluating, and implementing development plans, programs, budges, and projects.?

The course targets Government officials and Development advisors that design, implement, and manage sector plans, programs, budgets, and projects. These include program staff who monitor and govern projects, program managers, practitioners who work in government agencies and civil society organizations, involved with M&E, as well as individuals interested in M&E.


5 days.


? Gain knowledge on the role that M&E plays in the improvement of project and prorgam management, and in policy decision making.

? Define Theory of Change and Critical pathway

? Develop and design M&E framework/system for governance program.

? Develop concise understanding of M&E concepts, principles, processes and framework for?

? Develop insight in the different stages of the evaluation process and tools/ methodologies that are most appropriate in different types of evaluations.

? Get basic knowledge and tips on how to use PM&E tools for enhancing the capacities of decentralization at local and national levels and for boosting accountability systsems at municipal levels.

? Identify and develop governance performance indicators

? Understand how the log frame approach promotes evidence based on policy making


? Building necessary statistical and analytical capacities

? Developing governance performance frameworks/M&E system

? Development Interventions

? Evaluating governance program

? Focus on some interesting practices and recent trends ?

? Governance, Leadership & Public Value

? Introduction to M&E for governance programs

? Logframe Analysis

? M&E approaches and tools for governance programs

? Managing Monitoring and Evaluation Practice

? Monitoring Systems

? Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

? Public Finance and Performance Budgeting

? Reporting and communicating M&E results

? Setting performance indicators

? Support for harmonised approaches and national M&E systems

? Specific challenges encountered in monitoring and evaluating support to decentralisation and local governance

? The importance of strategic alliances and harmonised approaches

? Theory of Change and Critical pathway


COURSE Training Center: Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Start Date: 1/07/2019

End Date: 1/11/2019

Fee: Ksh 80000, $900



EMAIL: [email protected]

TELEPHONE : +254724527104