Training Course on Introduction to Health System Management (18th – 22nd June 2018)

Event: Training Course on Introduction to Health System Management

Venue : Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date : 18th – 22nd June 2018




Health outcomes are quite low across much of the developing world, and the persistence of deep inequities in health status is a problem from which no country in the world is exempt. At the centre of this humanitarian crisis is a failure of health systems. Much of the burden of disease can be prevented or cured with known, affordable technologies. The problem is getting drugs, vaccines, information and other forms of prevention, care or treatment – on time, reliably, in sufficient quantity and at a reasonable cost – to those who need them. In too many countries the systems needed to do this are on the point of collapse or are accessible only to particular groups in the population. Failing or inadequate health systems are one of the main obstacles to scaling-up interventions to make the achievement of internationally agreed goals such as the MDGs a realistic prospect.

The growing urge to improve health care systems increases the urgency of this course that builds and strengthens the capacity of health worker, policy and decision makers in the health service sectors with an aim to achieve better health outcomes.


5 Days


This course is suitable for health administrators, policy/decision makers, hospital matrons/patrons, hospital head of departments and medical superintendent


  • To build capacity and develop human resource in consulting services for healthcare management to meet the social needs
  • To build management capacity of health sector through strengthening the quantity and quality of continuing courses for managers and leader of health sector.
  • To increase the quality in health management
  • To provide a basis for planning the organizational model, medical management and construction of legal documents.
  • To strengthen the capacity of management, administration and policy development for the health sector.


  • An Overview of Health System – Case Study From a Developed Country and a Developing Country
  • Customer Service in Health-Care Organizations
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Use in Healthcare Systems
  • Managing Health in Cultural Contexts
  • Management of Team, Decision-Making Processes and Conflict Resolution

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