Training Course on Food Fraud Techniques

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Training Course on Food Fraud Techniques


Food fraud is an ever-growing threat to food businesses. It is however, not very well understood by majority of managers, business directors and operators. This course provides you with information on the types of food fraud, the tools to instantly detect and prevent fraud as well as develop an anti-fraud culture in your business.

Who should attend?

Technical staff, buyers, senior managers in the food business and auditors. Professionals including solicitors, consultants and accountants.


5 days

Course objectives

By the end of the training the learner should be in a position to:

  • Detect signs of fraud
  • Develop a business resilience when it comes to fraud
  • Understand the ways of reducing fraud in the business
  • Come up with tools and techniques to assist you
  • Act on opportunities for fraud

Course content

  • The cost of fraud to your business
  • Understanding food fraud in supply chain
  • Related crimes
  • How to think like a criminal
  • Steps to detect and prevent food fraud
  • Forensic accounting and counter fraud
  • Growing a resilience to food fraud
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Legal awareness


Proficiency in use of English language

Meet admission criteria


The trainings are delivered through mini-lectures, specific case studies and group exercises and discussions


Ksh 80000, $900

COURSE Training Center: Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Start Date: 4/15/2019

End Date: 4/19/2019

Fee: Ksh 80000, $900



EMAIL: [email protected]

TELEPHONE : +254724527104