The Johanniter International Assistance - Invitation to Bid (WAU/SSD 0121/003 & ITB WAU/SSD 0121/004) Construction of Maternity Wing and Drilling of One Borehole in Nazareth, Wau - former WBeG State

(Taban Joel Ayume) #1

The Johanniter International Assistance would like to construct a Maternity Wing, Placenta Pit, Chain Link Fence and a Pit Latrine, and Drill a borehole/Install an Indian Mark II pump in one of its project sites in Nazareth Wau, South Sudan under the EKF Project. It therefore solicits for Bids from interested competent suppliers within South Sudan so as to realize the above.
Kindly open the PDF attachments below to gain instructions and contact details of key staff who will man the process.

We look forward to and appreciate your participation.

Best Regards

ITB-Construction of Maternity Ward, Pit Latrine, Fence and Placenta Pit.PDF (380.2 KB)
ITB - Drilling of Borehole.PDF (377.7 KB)