Tender_help_farming tools-ssd 13-16-11-11-2017-0268

Before submitting your offers, please sign and stamp the following document with are attached with the Tender:

  • Code of Conduct.
  • Declaration for Tenderer.
  • Supplies General Terms & Conditions.

In addition, please include in your offer the following:

  1. Valid Registration License in South Sudan.
  2. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate in South Sudan.

Incomplete or unsigned documents will result in rejecting the offer.

HELP-TENDER- FARMING TOOLS-SSD13-16-11-2017-0268.pdf (548.4 KB)

GEN_2-3_Declaration_for_Tenderer__Candidates_and_Suppliers_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (274.0 KB)
SUPPLIES-HELP-General Terms & Conditions_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (272.2 KB)
GEN_2-2_CoC_for_Contractors_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (342.3 KB)