Tender for Construction of a Seed Store

PRO Seed Ltd is a local seed company involved in seed production and trading within South Sudan. We are registered by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (Reg. No. 30,742) and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security as a seed company. We produce seeds mainly for field crops (maize, sorghum, cowpeas, groundnuts and sesame). We produce 20% of these directly in our farms, while 80% of these are produced by our out growers (contracted smallholder farmers) currently in Juba and Magwi Counties. We also partner with local farmers who produce seeds for local vegetables like okra, girgir, rigila and kudra.

Need for a Seed Store

In our 2020 – 2021 plans, we intend to establish a seed store, and seed processing machines in Nesitu, Jukokwe Boma, Lokiliri Payam of Juba County. While plans are on for the acquisition of the seed processing machines, we would like to source a construction service provider to construct for us either a 7 x 15m or 9 x 20m seed store.Tender for Construction of a Seed Store.pdf (311.1 KB)