Sustainable Local Economic Development training 29th January - 2nd February 2017

Event Details: Sustainable Local Economic Development training


The focus of this course is on creating and managing multi-stakeholder processes that take place in the local and regional urban economy. Regions and localities are faced with two major trends in opposite directions: internationalization and decentralization. Internationalization exacerbates the interactions between the global and the local levels but operates selectively.


  • Conceptualizing local economic development studies
  • Why has LED become an issue? - Globalization, cohesion and competitiveness
  • Why has LED become an issue? - Decentralization and Local Economic Development
  • Small Enterprise and entrepreneurship Development
  • Clusters and value chains
  • SME cooperation in cluster development
  • Urban livelihood and LED promotion
  • Locality development and urban economic policies
  • Local organizations for LED promotion
  • Managing stakeholder fora for city economic development


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