Supply of Yamaha Speed-Boat & Quad-Bike Yamaha 350cc

Dear Sir/Madam.

Cordaid South Sudan is seeking to procure Speed-boat Yamaha & Quad-Bike 350cc as per the attached Specifications. We therefore invite you to submit in your quotation for consideration if you express interest to participate in bidding process.
Due to the urgency of the requirement, deadline for submission is Monday the 11th -September-2023 at 10:30 PM.

Quotations should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Supply of Speed-Boat Yamaha & Quad-Bike Yamaha 350cc and drop into the tender box or through mail to [email protected].
Bids will be evaluated based on price, delivery lead-time, compliance to technical specifications and eligibility to administrative requirements. For more details of the specifications refer to attached.
And for any other inquiry contact Logistics and Procurement Department through mail.
Please Note: Alteration of the Specifications in the RFQ shall result to automatic disqualification. Indicate the Mode of Transport to use.
RFQ Fleet Supply - Mayom.pdf (338.0 KB)
W23 Yamaha Boat specs FIN.pdf (424.6 KB)
Specifications Quad-Bike Yamaha 350cc.pdf (138.5 KB)