Subject Matter Expert Consultant on Rights-Based FP

The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) wishes to recruit one (1) local/national consultant as a Subject Matter Expert to develop content for a gender-sensitive, context-adapted and practical handbook on rights-based family planning (FP) for a UNFPA project. This material will be utilized by facility and community-level providers engaging in continuous learning sessions on the provision of FP, destined for hospitals and Health Science Institutes in South Sudan. The Subject Matter Expert’s mandate will include primary data collection to understand needs, information gaps and proposed approaches to continuous learning; a desk review of existing UNFPA/Ministry of Health FP curriculum, training materials and other relevant literature; and the production/adaptation of content for a provider-facing continuous learning handbook. This process will entail close collaboration with CAM Global staff as well as national stakeholders.

Timeframe: May 2023 – July 2023
Location: South Sudan (based in Juba)

ToR_Subject-Matter-Expert_20230524VF.pdf (186.8 KB)