Sawa Motion Media_Job Adverts

Sawa motion Media (SMM) is a South Sudanese media and public relations company registered with the Government of republic of South Sudan dealing in Media consultancy, Film & Documentary Production, Advertisement, Promotion and Publicity, Photography, videography graphic design and printing.

Since 2015 SMM has worked with various Gov’t institutions, NGOs, the private sector and individuals in the areas of Events Management and Publicity, Video and Photography, Advertisements, Design and printing of posters ,banners, audio production, development and production of drama etc.
Our subsidiary Sawa Media Academy is rolling out p short media related courses intended to build skills especially among the youths in areas of, Filming and documentary, videography, Graphics design, Professional Photography,
We also do media consultancy including media trainings, design and development of corporate communications plans and strategies, managing social media pages and related services
SMM is currently looking for 2 candidates to join its team as per positions below
SMM_Advert Graphics Designer .pdf (412.5 KB)SMM_Advert-Finance and Admin Assist.pdf (446.3 KB)