Samaritan's Purse - RFQ, Prequalification of Suppliers 2018

Samaritan’s Purse wishes to contract legally recognized, competent and professional firms(Companies) in Juba to provide various materials and supplies for the period between January - December 2018. (As per the below categories and attached RFQs)
|S01|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Agricultural Supplies & Equipment|
|S02|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Construction & Hardware Materials|
|S03|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Food(Processed, Fresh & Vegetables)|
|S04|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Generator Parts|
|S05|SPSS FRQ 2018 - House Supplies|
|S06|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Office Supplies & Stationery|
|S07|SPSS FRQ 2018 - Printing & Visibility Materials|
|S08|SPSS FRQ 2018 - WASH Materials|
Tender Advert - RFQ Prequalification 2018.pdf (407.3 KB)
SP Tender Code of Conduct.pdf (518.9 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Agricultural Supplies & Equipments.xlsx (51.6 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Construction & Hardware Materials.xlsx (77.1 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Food(Processed, Fresh & Vegetables).xlsx (66.7 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Generator Parts.xlsx (52.9 KB)
SPSS FRQ 2018 - House Supplies.xlsx (56.8 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Office Supplies & Stationery.xlsx (55.5 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - Printing & Visibility Materials.xlsx (49.2 KB)
SPSS RFQ 2018 - WASH Materials.xlsx (58.6 KB)

Dear Sir,
We are late in quoting to your organisation,but we wanted to inquire if we and chances to put our offer to your requirement for supppliers 2018…please we are sourcing and supplies company head office in Nairobi Kenya.and register company in South Sudan.We are also involved in long distance transport and all terrain road,we are known as RELIEF AND MISSION LOGISTICS COMPANY,also we have our own clearing and forwarding company based in Mombasa,our email address is as follows : [email protected] .please your assistance will be highly appreciated.
Many thanks
Hassan Sidi.

First send in your profile to qualify you to enter the data base.


Kind Regards

Moses Ariaka
Logistician-Procurement | South Sudan-Juba
(+211)957240242 (mobile)
[email protected]
Skype: maraika50