RFQ's/Tenders for various supplies

Caritas Switzerland would like to invite interested, suitably qualified Service Providers to bid and/or provide quotations for the Provision of the attached various documents.

Please pay attention to each RFQ to know the manner of submission.


Supplier Profile -South Sudan.pdf (276.4 KB)CACH-T-2016-356 chalaming plumbing materials.pdf (299.8 KB)CACH-T-2016-357 IDO store building materials.pdf (302.3 KB)CACH-T-2016-358 IDO Weir materials.pdf (303.5 KB)CACH-T-2016-359 IDO cubic water tank materials.pdf (321.4 KB)CACH-T-2016-360 schools water extension materials.pdf (310.2 KB)CACH-T-2016-361 salaro store construction labor.pdf (288.1 KB)CACH-T-2016-362 assorted camp supplies.pdf (305.1 KB)CACH-T-2016-366 RFQ for plumbing Materials.pdf (238.5 KB)CACH-T-2016-367 RFQ for pipes and fittings Materials.pdf (239.1 KB)