RFQ087 Sound System Hiring

DT Global South Sudan was selected by USAID to implement the 5-Year SHEJEH SALAM Activity in South Sudan, commencing on September 30, 2020. SHEJEH SALAM Activity is helping USAID/South Sudan strengthen the foundation for a more self-reliant South Sudan by empowering citizens and community actors who have been deeply affected by the current conflict.

DT Global South Sudan is seeking to select the best supplier/vendor for the provision/supply of sound systems hire services. This RFQ087 will be used to solicit quotes from potential suppliers/vendors for an award(s) of single or multiple Blanket Purchase Agreement(s) (BPA) to the best bidder(s)

For more details, find attached RFQ087

RFQ087_ Sound System Hire_Final.xlsx (21.9 KB)
RFQ087_Sound System Hire_GZ.pdf (291.7 KB)

Shejeh Salam Activity