RFQ MBJU 31948 -Supply of Reagents

Samaritan’s Purse wishes to contract a legally recognized service provider (company) to Supply Chemical Reagents) as. Detailed Below
Tender Advert- Supply Of Re-Agents.pdf (334.5 KB)

Clarification regarding the Tender Reference number: RFQ MBJU 31948 - Supply of medical reagents
Please specify the required :-

1- Brucella Test. Is it Abortus or Brucella Melitensis or Rose Bengal .

2- widal Test. Please specify the required configuration is 1- Packing ( 4 x 5 ml), or 2-Packing - ( 8 x 5 ml.) and with ((with positive control ) or

(with -ve. Nagtive & +ve Positive control)

your fast reply is very important to give you the right quotation for your Tender Reference number: RFQ MBJU 31948 -Supply of Medical Reagent.

Best regards
Alnoor Musa Dudu
Universal Brothers Company Ltd.
Managing Director and the contact person
Mobil : +211912377227/ +249121250727