Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation, Juba, South Sudan

Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation:


By the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
• How to set indicators
• How to plan M&E
• To recognize different M&E Frameworks
• How to collect data
• Develop result based M&E
• Understand Community Based Program Implementation M&E

• Develop Impact based M&E

• To understand Communication and Advocacy M&E

• Analyze Data

• Conduct Research Based M& E

• Learn more about New Software of M&E

• How to report and deliver presentation

Course Outline:
a. M&E Fundamentals
b. Basic M&E Concepts:
• Definition: Monitoring
• Definition: Evaluation
• Definition: Controlling
• M VS E:VS Controlling
• Importance of M&E
• When should M&E take place?

c. M&E Plans
• The M&E Plan
• Why are M&E Plans Important?
• M&E Plan Components:
o Introduction
o Program Description and Framework
o Detailed description of the plan indicators
o Data collection plan
o Plan for monitoring
o Plan for evaluation
o Plan for the utilization of the information gained
o Mechanism for updating the plan
d. Frameworks:
• What are frameworks?
• Conceptual framework
• Result framework
• Logic Model
• Summary of Frameworks
e. Indicators
• What is an indicator?
• Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators
• Why are indicators important?
• What is a metric?
• Clarifying indicators
• Characteristics of indicators
• Linking indicators to results frameworks
• Linking Indicators to Logic Models
• Challenges to Selecting Indicators
• Guidelines for Selecting Indicators
f. Data Sources, Data Collection
Data Sources:
• Data Vs Information
• Routine Data Sources
• Non Routine Data Sources
• Different Sources Same Indicators
• Data Collection: Primary Data Vs Secondary Data
• Data Collection Methods
• Data Quality
• Some types of errors or biases common in data collection
• Data Use
g. Result Based Management
• Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation
• Link between RBM and RBMM
h. Responsibilities of M&E Team
• The manager
• The support team: Data collectors, data analyst, data entry team
i. Reporting Data:
• Effective Reports
• Types of Reports
• Parts of Report
• Needed data for M&E
j. Community Based Program Implementation M&E
k. Impact based M&E
l. Communication and Advocacy M&E
m. Data Analysis
n. Research Based M& E
o. New Software M&E
p. Presentation:
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Preparations
• Development
• Delivery
• Managing Stress
• Post Presentation Activities

6 Days

Juba, South Sudan

July 25,2016

499 USD /individual
Investment Covers:
• Training
• Training Materials
• Certificate
• Lunch and refreshment
• Venue
• Trainer’s Fee

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