Research, Data management, Tabulations & Graphics, Statistical Analysis and Inferences using Stata Training (13th- 17th) February 2017 in Nairobi Kenya

Stata statistical software is an interactive data management and statistical analysis program, which has become very popular among researchers in most disciplines. The programme provides a broad range of statistics. It is very user-friendly and the tremendous potential of Stata to benefit the data management process is extremely amazing and exciting to explore. It provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics. The focus of this training is enable participants learn how to apply Stata in statistical analysis.

This is a general course targeting participants with elementary knowledge of Statistics in Agriculture, Economics, Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition, Education, Medical or public health professionals among others who already have some statistical knowledge, but wish to be conversant with the concepts and applications of Stata. No prior Knowledge of Stata is required.

5 days

The training will enable participants to;
Understand the basics of data cleaning
Understand how to import and export data, input data into Stata
General use and data management using Stata.
Managing output management in Stata
Understanding how to generate simple and advanced graphics using Stata
Analyzing quantitate data using both descriptive and commonly used inferential analysis techniques

Module 1: Introduction to Statistical Concepts
Descriptive Statistics

  • Common inferential statistics
  • The core functions of inferential statistics
  • Overview of Stata

Module 2: Data Entry, Management and Manipulation using Stata

  • Defining and labeling data and variables
  • Creating, transforming, recoding variables
  • Generating new variables
  • Data Entry, Exploring, modification.
  • Transferring data to/from Stata
  • Merging and appending Stata data files (e.g. Excel, SPSS )

Module 3: Output management

  • Output Management
  • Tabulating data with Stata

Module 4: Stata Graphics

  • Basics of graphing
  • Customizing graphs
  • Advanced graphing
  • Exporting a Stata graph

Module 5: Quantitative data analysis (Inferential analysis techniques) using Stata

  • Statistical Inference
  • Regression analysis
  • Correlation
  • T Test


This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered your preferred location.


The training event fee is USD$1050, This caters for Facilitation, 2 Refreshment breaks (Morning & Afternoon Snack) & Buffet Lunch during the entire training period. This does not cover accommodation and travel logistics. We can organize for your Accommodation & Airport pick up at an Extra cost.

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