Research, Data management, Tabulations & Graphics, Statistical Analysis and Inferences using SPSS Training (5th - 9th June 2017)

Statistical packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) has be proved quite useful for the purpose of data management, graphical representation, and statistical analysis of data. This training is aimed at equipping the participants with Research, Data management, Graphics & statistical analysis skills. Knowledge on research methodologies and application of SPSS softwares to support data analysis in this era is very important.

Training Objectives
The training will enable participants to; Understand how to creating and edit a data file; Enter categorical and continuous data; Define, label, validate and Sort variables; Transforming, recoding and computing variables; Graphing quantitative data; perform descriptive and inferential data analysis

Training Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Training Duration: 5 Days

Training Contents
Module 1: Statistical Concepts and Overview of SPSS
Statistical Concepts
Overview of SPSS
Module 2: Data Entry and Management
Module 3: Graphics using SPSS
Module 4: Quantitative Data analysis (Part I)
Module 5: Quantitative Data analysis (Part II)

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