Research Approaches, Data Management & Analysis for Quantitative and Qualitative Researches using Stata & NVivo (12th to 23rd, February, 2018 in Nairobi Kenya)

This training seeks to enhance the skills of participants using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches in undertaking their researches, projects programs, feasibility studies among others. The training will cover ways to undertaking research with particular attention to collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data; the use of information Technology for data collection (mobile Based Data Collection using ODK), data management analysis and interpretation of empirical results. The focus of this training is therefore to enable participants learn how to use Stata for quantitative data management and analysis and NVIvo software for qualitative data management and analysis.

This is a general training targeting participants wishing to analyze both quantitative and rich messy qualitative data. The participants can be from Social, Agriculture, Economics, Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition, Education, Medical or public health professionals among others who wish to be conversant with the concepts and applications of STATA and NVivo Softwares No prior Knowledge is required.

10 days

The training will enable participants to;

  • Understand the basics of data cleaning
  • Understand how to import and export data, input data into Stata
  • General use and data management using Stata.
  • Managing output management in Stata
  • Understanding how to generate simple and advanced graphics using Stata
  • Analyzing quantitative data using both descriptive and commonly used inferential analysis techniques
  • Explore the function of NVivo
  • Create a project
  • Undertake deductive and inductive qualitative data coding using NVivo
  • Manage project material


  • Module 1: Introduction/Recap to qualitative and quantitative research and Statistical Concepts
  • Module 2: Introduction to Mobile Phone Based Data Collection Using ODK and Mapping Training
  • Module 3: Data Entry, Management and Manipulation using Stata
  • Module 4: Output management
  • Module 5: Stata Graphics
  • Module 6: Quantitative data analysis (Inferential analysis techniques) using Stata and Reportingg
  • Module 7: Getting Started with NVivo
  • Module 8: Working with Codes and Nodes
  • Module 9: Summarizing the Data
  • Module 10: Visualizing project

This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered your preferred location.

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