Request For Quotations- Mercy Corps

JUB PR-5358 for water Network ItemsRFQ.pdf (144.8 KB)
JUB PR-5359 Fuel Diesel for SWAT RFQ…pdf (129.9 KB)
JUB PR-5376 Water Quality Consumable in RFQ…pdf (143.1 KB)
JUB PR-5385 Fuel Diesel RFQ…pdf (119.6 KB)
KCH PR-8036 Purchase Request for Protective gears.pdf (146.1 KB)
KCH PR-8043 Purchase of office suppliesREQ.pdf (138.4 KB)

Mercy Corps South Sudan is procuring various items as per the attached RFQ.

Please submit your quotations electronically to [email protected] before close of business by Thursday Sept. 29th 2022.


Riw Phar