Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Organization background: Founded in 2003, Christian Recovery & Development Agency (CRADA) is a faith based non-Governmental National organization (NNGO) registered in South Sudan, and has been mandated to carry out its activities across the country. It comprises local people who are championing their own reconstruction and development, and offers basic skills in trauma healing, capacity building, modern fishing, farming, etc. While providing relevant equipment and market techniques where need arises.

As a Christian organization, CRADA also offers holistic services to the mass of South Sudan through its Church partners, where spiritual growth is upheld and youth are offered guidance to grow into responsible citizenship, in order for them to join hands and be able to develop this country to a better level. Peace building and reconciliation is another component of what CRADA does.

CRADA also strives to offer basic health standards to the community of South Sudan, responds to human needs through developmental activities such as food security and livelihood, water and sanitation, women empowerment, and much emphasis is put on capacity building and training. CRADA operates in Pibor, unity states, Akobo west walgak and NYIROL with its Head office in Juba.
Vision & Mission: To achieve and improve living standard of the poor stricken and disadvantaged communities of South Sudan, and sustain life, restore hope and dignity of specially children, women and the marginalized people of South Sudan through provision of basic needs and thus alleviate their suffering.

CRADA is implementing two project, livelihoods projects (SIDA Hum and DRA Joint Response Project) in Nyirol and Akobo West in partnership with Save the Children International in South Sudan. CRADA is requesting potential suppliers to submit their quotation as per the attached Request for Quotation (RFQ).
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