Request for Audit Consultant for EMPOWER Project


Active Citizen South Sudan (ACSS) is a right-based, nonviolence youth-led national organization that engages citizens on shaping their decision-making process on national issues for peace, human rights, democratic governance and development process. Founded in 2011, ACSS works with young people to empower them claim their political and economic rights in South Sudan .

  1. Engaging and providing youth with skills to demand their rights and civic space through nonviolent actions by influencing community gatekeepers and other decision-makers, and advocate and lobby for accountability and legislative reforms.
  2. Creating livelihood opportunities for youth (young women and men) to gain self-reliance and provide alternatives for engaging in violent conflict and other forms of criminal activity.
  3. Increasing capacity of youth to use civic education methods to promote healing and reconciliation and access to justice in their communities.
    Active citizen South Sudan is currently implementing a project in mangaten, with funded by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).
    Project goal: The goal of this project is for conflict-affected youth to unlearn violence and promote peace in Mangateen. This is largely focusing on changing attitudes of key youth who will then act as mobilizers to promote peace and non-violent conflict resolution approaches to the wider public and to their peers. Thus, when enough attitudes change there will be a mass attitude change with less fear and hate targeting those seen as the ‘others’ and an increase in peace and tolerance communication that will lead to a shift in social norms. If the attitudes of the youth change in a society where the youth are the majority - then eventually this will lead change at the institutional level.
    This will be done through; engaging and mobilizing key youth actors through (sports for peace, arts and music, cultural festivals, income generating-for reconnecting relationship amongst multi-ethnic group, youth-led dialogues and customized formal trainings and mentorship support) that interest youth and provide them opportunities to interact with youth from different communities. If youth are provided with positive alternatives to violence they will gain new perspectives, skills and knowledge that will change their attitudes on issues on tribalism, conflict and violence and then change their behavior to promote peace and unity amongst youth.

Outcome; Improved livelihood for multi-ethnic youth through income generating activities in Mangateen.

1.2 Established 4 small scale joint businesses ( 2 new and 2 existing ones) whose needs are assessed , confirmed and registered by ACSS
ACSS develops the scope of the focus of the Auditing team as elaborated in the below bullet points.
• The audit will be carried out in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and will include tests and verification procedures as the auditors deem necessary. Terms of Reference (TOR) for the External Auditors
• Verify all funds have been used in accordance with the established rules and regulations of ACSS and only for the purposes for which the funds were provided.
• Goods, works and services financed have been procured in accordance with the ACSS established rules and procedures.
• Appropriate supporting documents, records and books of accounts relating to all activities have been kept. Clear linkages should exist between the books of accounts and the financial statements presented to.
• The financial statements have been prepared by ACSS management in accordance with applicable accounting standards and give a true and fair view of the financial position of ACSS and of its receipts and expenditures for the period ended on that date.
• Comprehensive assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the accounting and overall internal control system to monitor expenditures and other financial transactions.
• Express an opinion as to reasonableness of the financial statements in all material respects.
• 8. Include in their reports opinion on compliance with procedures designed to provide reasonable assurance of detecting misstatements due to errors or fraud that are material in the financial statements.
• Conduct entry and exit meeting with the Executive Director of ACSS.
• In addition to the audit report, the auditors will prepare a Management Letter on the following:

  • Give comments and observations on the accounting records, procedures, systems and controls that were examined during the course of the audit.
  • Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations pertaining to previous period audit reports.
  • Communicate matters that have come to their attention during the audit which might have a significant impact on the sustainability of the organization.
  • Bring to the Executive Director’s attention any other matters that the auditors consider pertinent.
    • The Auditors on completion of the audit work will submit 3 (three) original copies of the Audit Report appended to the Financial Statements along with the reports to the attention of the Executive Director.
    • Management letter in accordance with the scope of work described here before. ACSS Terms of Reference (TOR) for the External Auditor.
    The anticipated duration of this consultancy is two weeks, from October 1st - 15th April 2020
    The consultant will report to the Executive Director. In addition, He/she is expected to work collaboratively with ACSS staff and management especially with Finance Manager.
    The consultant will work from the ACSS office in Juba, South Sudan.