Quick Promotion to National NGOs in South Sudan (Wau, Aweil,Kuajok,Nyamlel, etc)- Juba

n the spirit of spreading our services to the rest of the country and building the knowledge base of South Sudanese accounting professionals. We will be rolling out our QuickBooks training based to Wau, the purpose of this will be to build the capacity of finance officers who are in Wau as well those in the neighbouring towns of Kuajok, Aweil, Nyamlel and others.

If you are interested to participate do not hesitate to get in touch, we limited spaces available.

Training Brochure: QBTraining WAU.pdf (129.0 KB)
Training Details Booklet: Computerized QuickBooks Accounting Training WAU.pdf (459.9 KB)
Registration Form: https://forms.gle/e8DXKLLfcRHye9j39