Public Policy Analysis and Budget Scrutiny for Evidence based Advocacy and Policy Influencing Coure

Course Objectives
This course aims to introduce participants to the principles of rights-based approaches to Policy and Budget Analysis and policy influencing through evidence-based advocacy tools and processes.

Course Content

  • Introduction to public policy and governance – principles and practices
  • Women rights and gender responsive public service delivery
  • Introduction to policy research, analysis and advocacy
  • Political economy and the role of neoliberalism
  • National development priorities and the global development agenda
  • Linking Policy Pronouncements to Financial Commitments
  • Rights based Social Accountability for Public Sector Improvement: Tools, Processes and Inspirational Practices
  • Networking and lobbying for influencing policy change
  • Stakeholder mapping and action for policy change

Learning outcomes:

  • By the end of the course participants will be able to:
    Have acquired skills for policy and budget analysis and advocacy in order to be able to apply course content to their country and organization specific contexts.
  • Identify policy advocacy opportunities and work out strategies to engage with their public policy framework in their country and organization contexts.

Target Group
Governance and development actors from non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, and associations, community-based organizations; farmers’ organizations and the media involved in or want to be involved in a human rights-based approach to policy formulation and implementation processes.

Fee for the Course

Tuition Fee $350
Full board in a single room(meals & Accommodation) $471 per week
Full board in a shared room(meals & Accommodation) US$339 per week
Hostel Quad plus Meal per week US$87 per week

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