Public Health Online Certificate Course - (DISCOUNTED OFFER -USD 300)


Start date: 1st September 2019.

Course Overview

Public Health is the scientific discipline of safeguarding and enhancing the well being of general public by means of education, promotion of healthy ways of life, and extensive study of diseases and injury prevention. Public health experts review the impact on health of genetics, individual choice and the surroundings so as to create plans that safeguard the health of your family and local community. In general, public health is concerned with safeguarding the overall health of whole populations. These populations can vary in size from a small neighborhood, to as big as an entire nation.

The public health professionals’ take up community programs to make people conscious of threats such as chemical poisoning and to address persistent problems afflicting the society. In an age of dwindling healthcare expenses, administrators’ are anticipated to conclude projects sooner and with less ground staff than ever before. This has strained many public administrators to implement their creative skills in scheming novel ways to lever the concerns they encounter. In simple terms, public health administration is the constant monitoring of health issues of public and educating them accordingly in ways that they can understand…

The certificate course will equip the participants with relevant knowledge of the terminologies and major milestone in Public Health. The course is very important for those involved in Community Development.

Course Content
I. Introduction to Public Health
II. Epistemology
III. Fundamentals of Epistemology
IV. Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health Care
V. Environmental Health
VI. Public Health Practice
VII. Managing Health Service Organization
Organizational Capacity Statement

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Training Format:

• All materials are made available through Online or Distance Learning approaches
• Approximately 5-6 hours time commitment of your time per week
• At your own time schedule, no live participation needed
• Weekly feedback from committed instructors
• Participants are expected to submit bi-weekly assignments electronically to earn certificate of .

Computing Requirements:

Participants will need to use email, upload and download word docs, PowerPoint files and PDFs, and post on the discussion board or send Assignments by email. Materials Provided: Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.


After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.

In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit FOUR assignments.

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 8 Weeks - 5 to 6 hours per week

PARTICIPANTS: Actors in development sector (the state, international organizations, multinational Corporations, civil society organizations, NGOs, and CBOs) Public health and WASH Professionals…

ORGANIZERS: Capacity Africa Institute
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated
GENERAL COURSE CONTACT: [email protected]

Prior to the course start date, selected participants will receive, via Email, an official invitation letter along with instructions on how to pay for the course. Course log on instructions will be emailed to you on the day the course is scheduled to begin or as soon as payment is received.

Training Package Value for the Money Training will be moderated by Professional with hands on skills and great wealth in Leadership and Management.

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