Proposal Writing & Resource Mobilisation Online Certificate Course - 1st May 2019

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Dear Partners,

Capacity Africa Training Institute is pleased to announce the following Online & Distance learning Course.

Proposal Writing & Resource Mobilisation Online Certificate Course.

Start date: 1st May 2019.

Course Moderator

Capacity Africa Institute was founded in 1999 with the objective of building capacity for development professionals to enhance effective delivery of development services in Africa.
The organization runs training programmes in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and South Sudan training over 4000 development workers in the last ten years. We have collaborated very closely with over 200 organizations among them Action Aid Kenya, Unicef , Undp , UN Women, OSIEA, Population Services International, World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, Federation of Women Lawyers-FIDA, Amref, Kisumu and Eldoret City Councils, Danish
Deming Group, Pact World, Oxfam, War Child, World Relief, Tear Fund, , Shell International, Path, Techno serve, One Love One World, Freedom to Create, Center for British Teachers, JRS Sudan, Christian Mission Aid, Sudanese Red Cross, Mercy Corps International, ADRA South Sudan Sector Programme among others.

Background of the Course:

One of the key reasons that there is no meaningful development in the third world especially in Africa is the lack of capacity by beneficiaries to implement sustainable
programmes. Statistics have shown that many programs and initiatives
being pursued by a majority of Community Based Development Organizations are not sustainable and die out within the initial stages of implementation due to lack of adequate
funding and human resources to effectively realize the intended goals and sustain the programmes.
The situation is compounded further with majority of these development organizations
depending only one donor or none at all, while a few others have numerous
donors willing to partner with them through funding their various development programs.

The biggest challenge facing most of these organizations is lack of adequate appropriate in-house capacity to attract the right donors to the organization. With the right skills and capacity, there are thousands of donors for available to fund your projects out there. However many organizations, unfortunately, are still grappling with key fundamentals issues such as; where are the donors? What projects get funding? What the current donor priorities are? And how to approach donors for

The Proposal Writing & Fund raising online and distance learning training program is professionally designed to address these pertinent issues in a global perspective. This
training will equip you and your organization with up to date information
on: modern trends in Proposal Writing & Fund Raising Identification of
donor priorities, reasons why some of your project proposals don’t get
funded, maximizing the possibilities of the internet in accessing more
resources for your projects. Participants in this course will also get a copy of a donor directory and therefore create endless possibilities for Proposal Writing & Fund
Raising for their organizations…


Proposal Writing and Fund raising skills form the backbone of any NGO/CBO if they are going to attract and maintain confidence among key partners. Hence, for sustainable strategies, organizations must enhance their skills and capacity on Proposal Writing, fund raising among their key personnel.
Course Format: The course is an online and distance learning course, including: presentations, notes, continuous assessment and certification.
No real time meetings are required.
Topics: It will cover the following topic areas:
Proposal Writing and Fundraising has the following modules/ Presentations:

Fundraising tips and Project Background
2)Writing an Organizational Background
Project Planning and Design and Writing a problem Statement
Formulating a goal and Smart Objectives
Developing Activities and Work plan
Writing about Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation
Risks and Assumptions, Expected Outcomes and Impact
8)Developing a Log Frame
9)) Developing a Project Budget
Online Fundraising Tips
Developing a Fund Raising Strategy for your Organisation

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 12 Weeks - 8 to 10 hours per week
PARTICIPANTS: Development Professionals
ORGANIZERS: Capacity Africa Institute
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated
GENERAL COURSE CONTACT: [email protected]

Prior to the course start date, selected participants will receive, via email, an official invitation letter along with instructions on how to pay for the course. Course log on instructions will be emailed to you on the day the course is scheduled to begin. Participants must submit five assignments before certification.

Training Package Value for the Money Training will be facilitated by professional with hands on skills and great wealth of proposal writing and fundraising experience…

Kindly confirm your participation with:

The Online Training Coordinator
Capacity Africa Institute
[email protected]

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