Professional Short Courses in Agriculture

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****Foscore Development Center would like to invite you to a high impact Agriculture related professional short courses to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on month of June to December 2019.

Our course are oriented towards imparting knowledge about different activities, economic concepts and tools related to understanding agriculture as a business, food security, irrigation and operational maintenance, rural development, climate change, establishing and strengthening farmer organizations, flood disaster risk management, Agri-Business, enterprise development, market linkage, monitoring and evaluation in Agriculture, Remote Sensing and GIS in Climate Change, Climate Resilience, nutrition.

Course Objective:

  • Agriculture as a business
  • Economic approaches and business strategies in agribusiness and enterprise development
  • Understand the nature, importance, and role of agribusiness firms in the domestic and the international markets in which farmers compete
  • Developing agribusiness plans
  • Farmer organizations
  • Establishing farmer organizations
  • Establish the roles of extension services in farmer organizations
  • Discuss dynamics of flood risk in a changing climate
  • Evaluate the extent of flood risk and vulnerability and assess the capacity to response
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for flood risk management in a changing climate
  • Gain skills in both qualitative and quantitate data collection and analysis in M&E for food security and nutrition programs.
  • Strengthen their competence in the designing, monitoring, and evaluation of FSN programs.
  • Explain and critically review current debates in rural development regarding rural livelihoods and the respective roles of markets, the state, institutions, property rights, agriculture and the rural non-farm economy.
  • Understand validated and participatory approach to designing and implementing effective ISHFM programs

Course Schedule

View Establishing and Strengthening Farmer Organizations Course

Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate Course

Monitoring and Evaluation for Food Security and Nutrition Course

Rural Development Course

Irrigation and Operational Maintenance Course

Agri-Business, Enterprise Development and Market Linkage Course

Remote Sensing and GIS in Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture Course

Climate Resilience And Food Security Course

Special Offer

  • One year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.
  • Register as a group of more than two and enjoy discount of (10% to 50%) plus free five hour adventure drive to the National game park.

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