Procurement & Supply Chain Management Online Certificate Course 06/12/2017-14/02/2018

Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Procurement is the process of getting goods and /or services your company needs to fulfill its business model. A supply chain consists of everybody involved in getting the goods and/or services to the end user.

Course Content
• Introduction to procurement
• Procurement and organizational strategy
• Procurement and managing change
• Procurement planning
• Tendering process
• Writing specifications and terms of reference
• Selection of methods (RFQ, ITB and RFP)
• Preparation of solicitation documents
• Bid receipt and opening
• Evaluating bids and proposals
• Tender evaluation
• Selection criteria
• Tender negotiations
• Contract approval process
• Committee submissions and approvals
• Contract award and management
• Contract management terms and skills
• Risk management
• Supplier relationship management
• New supplier engagement
• Contracts administration and contract management
• Contract law
• Monitoring supplier performance
• Procurement ethics
• Supply market analysis
• Engaging and managing stakeholders
• Performance monitoring
• Dispute management
• Ethics and integrity in procurement

Course Duration :8 weeks (2 months)
Target region :Global
Course Fee :USD400
Course Language :English

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