Proc Announce - Ground Transp.pdf (95.1 KB)
Route Guidance - Ground Transp.pdf (51.2 KB)

The Carter Center is inviting all transporters to participate in a selection process for the supply of Ground Transport Service as specified in the attached Procurement Announcement.

The Carter Center in South Sudan is seeking to select a vendor as the preferred provider of the item(s) indicated above. A Framework Agreement (FWA) between TCC and the successful bidder will result from this process. The purpose of the FWA will be to provide a framework within which goods and services can be bought and sold at pre-determined prices for as long as both parties continue to desire to do so. However, the FWA will not compel either party to do business with the other. If, at any time and for any reason, either party wishes to end its participation under the agreement it may be cancelled without notice. In such an event, a new competitive selection process will be undertaken to select a new partner as the preferred provider of the respective item(s).

This process will select the most competitive proposal on the basis of price, availability (delivery lead time) and reliability (as demonstrated by past experience with The Carter Center or through favorable references). The successful bidder will receive a fixed price Framework Agreement contract for a term of up to 12 months. The prices quoted in the winning bidder’s proposal are the prices that will be used for the FWA, as no negotiation on price is permitted in this process.

Note that The Carter center is not obligated to select the proposal with the lowest price, nor any proposal at all. If no proposal meets the requirements of the organization the process may be ended without awarding a contract.

Submission Requirements

  • All prices must be denominated in United States Dollars.
  • The deadline for proposal submissions is found in the attached PROCUREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT.
  • Proposals must be delivered to the offices of The Carter Center in Mangateen, near IOM and Ezentus, in Juba.
  • Proposals must arrive in a well-sealed envelope with the item description on the Procurement Announcement written clearly on the outside of the envelope.
  • On arrival, you must phone one of the following numbers before engaging the gate security staff. Do not request entrance to the office before contacting one of the numbers below.
    0927718992 / 0925851216 / 0922200282
  • After delivering your proposal be sure to sign the receipt register before leaving.

Failure to follow the submission instructions specified above may result in the rejection of your proposal submission.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your proposal reaches The Carter Center’s office on or before the deadline specified in the attached PROCUREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Proposals received after the deadline, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation. Proposals will be opened and preliminarily evaluated by an internal, multi-departmental panel of The Carter Center’s staff after the submission deadline.