Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation - SPECIAL DISCOUNT - USD 700

Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (PGD M&E).

Start : 5th January 2020.

Accountability in ones place of work has been defined as the means by which individuals and organizations report to a recognized authority and held responsible for their actions. Accountability is promoted through transparency and performance is promoted by responsive project management decision making…

The programme is intended to equip personnel in the field of monitoring and evaluation within the public sector, and the private sector on implementing programmes with a high level of accountability. At any time, organizations have projects under implementation and in therefore there is need for people with relevant training to oversee implementation of the programmes. This post graduate Diploma programme is important to any personnel who are mandated with the responsibility of overseeing any project that is under execution.

The management or donor in the project would want to see how the implementer’s of the program put into use the funds at their discretion. Monitoring ensures that the management is constantly supplied with information on the progress of a project and take timely decisions to ensure that progress is maintained according to schedule. Evaluation aims to determine whether the project objectives set in terms of expected outputs, effects and impact are being or will be met.

Course objectives

• Explain the different Monitoring and Evaluation conceptual approaches and frameworks
• Develop knowledge and critical thinking skills to be able to design and evaluate workplace programs
• Build your expertise, confidence and credibility to positively impact your workplace
• Design country/site-specific monitoring flow process based on organizational structure (e.g., single country office, field office, or regional office)
• Design and implement a monitoring and evaluation work plan for a country/site program, taking into consideration donor requirements
• Design systems to manage and use data and provide feedback to appropriate staff
• Identify methods for overcoming barriers to effective monitoring and evaluation
Course modules

The following Modules are Applicable

• Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts
• Leadership, Ethics and Governance
• Project Management
• Social Research Methods and Statistics
• ICT for Project Management
• Emerging issues in Monitoring and Evaluation
• Statistics and Computing
• M&E and Entrepreneurship
• Financial accounting in Monitoring and Evaluation
• Social Audits and Assurances
• Principles of Conflict Resolution
• Research Project (Practicum)

Minimum entry requirements

Common regulations governing Post-Graduate Diplomas shall be applicable.

2.2 The following shall be eligible for admission.

a) Holders of a Bachelors degree from a recognizable University
b) Holders of an equivalent qualification from any other recognizable Institution.


The cost of the course is USD 700 (DECEMBER ONLY


a) The Entire course Duration is one Year (2 semesters)
b) Candidates shall be expected to Submit 10 Assignments (Continuous Assessment test) that Account to 70 % of their Work and a Project Paper at the Tail end of the course, which accounts to 30 % of the course Work.

Mode of delivery of the proposed programme

Online/distance learning

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and sent it back via email to the undersigned. .


The Academics Manager
Africa Center for Project Management (ACPM)
Email: [email protected]