Online Diploma in Community Health - August 2019

Online Diploma in Community Health - August 2019 - August 2020.

Deadline to Apply: 30th June 2019.

Mode: Online (pdf notes, videos, mp3 audios, online chat, community work and assignments).

Start Dates: August 2019

End Dates: August 2020.

Deadline to Apply: 31st July 2019.

Tuition Fee: USD 800 (payable in full or four installments, other administrative cost not included)

Certificate Offered: YES

Assessment: online continuous assessment tests, class work and final exam at a center near your city.

About Helites College

We are a middle-level institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in serving the educational needs of the society. Our aim is to provide dynamic, innovative and competent professionals to meet the current and emerging needs in the society.

We have been in existence since 2005 providing specialized group trainings, workshops and formal education for artisan, certificate and diploma courses in East Africa for all nationalities in fields like ICT, health, business, education and social sciences.

Helites College offers competitive market driven courses in our four schools: school of ICT, school of business, school of social sciences and school of education. Our programmes are accredited by national and international examination bodies including JP-UK, ABMA, ICM-UK, KASNEB, KNEC, NASCOP and ICDL among others.

About the Course

The course targets middle-level health care workers, who provide over 80 per cent of healthcare services in developing countries. This category of health workers improve accessibility and cost-effectiveness of health care services by reaching out to underserved communities with high impact primary health care programmes. Since inception over 700 health workers from 35 African countries have graduated from the programme.

The programme is designed to enable graduates acquire in-depth knowledge, practical skills and competencies that will be useful in facilitating communities to plan and manage their own health and development. The graduates are expected to provide leadership in planning and management of health services, and especially at the county/district and community levels.

Programme Graduates Competencies

The graduates will be prepared to undertake different roles and functions at national, county/regional and community levels in various countries in Africa. Upon completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to undertake effectively the following functions and responsibilities;

  1. Manage community health programmes at various levels
  2. Plan and implement surveillance and control of common diseases
  3. Plan and conduct community health diagnosis
  4. Develop and implement training programmes for community education, mobilization and advocacy for both the health workers and the communities
  5. Participate in the management of disasters and emergencies
  6. Mobilize communities and advocate for promotion and maintenance of good health
  7. Develop proposals for funding community projects

Units/Modules Covered

Semester One

  1. Principles of Community Health
  2. Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  3. Research Methodology

Semester Two
4. Community-Based Health Care
5. Behaviour, Health Education & Health Promotion
6. Prevention and Control of Common Diseases

Semester Three
7. Family Health & Nutrition
8. Maternal and Child Health
9. Environmental and Occupational Health

Semester Four
10. Disaster Preparedness and Management & First Aid
11. Health Service Management
12. Water Supply and Waste Management

NB: Upon completion, the student will be attached in a health centre or hospital for three months

How to Apply/Admissions
i) Download the application form, click the arrow or blue words Helites College Application Form.doc (69.5 KB)
ii) Fill the form.
iii) Save it with your full name and course e.g. Mary Application Community Health
iv) Send the filled form to: [email protected]
iv) Write the subject of the email: Certificate in Community Health
v) Wait for your admission letter
vi) Pay full amount or first installment
vii) Start receiving learning materials and assistance

For More Information:

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