NGO Forum Membership Registration for 2020

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest to join South Sudan NGO Forum.

The NGO Forum is a voluntary, independent networking body of currently 263 national and 116 international NGOs that supports its members to effectively respond to the humanitarian and development needs in South Sudan. We provide a platform through which NGOs, the Government of South Sudan, the UN, donors, and other external stakeholders can exchange information, share expertise and establish guidelines for a more networked, efficient and effective use of aid resources in South Sudan. The Secretariat primarily focuses on information sharing, networking and capacity enhancement, representation and communication around safety and wellbeing.

We have an annual based membership registration/renewal process where members apply for membership online. Registrations for membership 2020 are ongoing. Please follow the link for 2020 membership registration/renewal.

Please follow the links below to know more about the forum and requirements to become a member.

Paul Doctor