Eskallade Technology provides certified QuickBooks Professional training services in South Sudan, specializing in helping non-profit organizations, small to medium sized businesses get the most out of their QuickBooks accounting software.
Although QuickBooks is marketed as easy to use and understand, it has proven to be more complicated for many professionals. The initial setup, installation and order of certain entries must be done correctly in order for your information and reports to be accurate.
Training you and your staff to get the most out of your accounting system helps your business run efficiently and helps you avoid costly mistakes at tax time. We offer one to one individualized training and support designed around your Financial business’ needs.
Non-Profit Organizations
It takes an exceptional amount of passion, energy and commitment to foster a successful not-for-profit organization.
As a not-for-profit leader, you’re charged with making an impact in the community while coping with serious challenges, from increased donor and grant competition to constantly evolving compliance requirements. Eskallade cares about helping National non-profit organizations in South Sudan to become more financially sound. The more organized your financials reports are established, the faster your vision and mission can become realities. In addition, better chances of receiving new and continuous grants from donors.
EskalladeTechnology stands apart for its dedication to mission-driven organizations, serving several humanitarian organizations, government institutions,social service agencies, faith based groups in South Sudan.
We understand the demands placed on management and key staff and the importance of cost control and provide a wide range of efficient audit, consulting and accounting services for charity organizations just like yours.
 New users of quick books should immediately after training start using QuickBooks meaning organization should ensure that QB system is set up for use by staff to avoid forgetfulness of key basis.
 New learners that have been trained in QuickBooks will take about 6 months to be pro-efficient in using 80% of most QuickBooks features a view shared by accounting professionals.
 Good class training on QuickBooks should take about 2- 4 weeks and not 2- 5 days as done by our competitors in the market. QuickBooks is a software that needs careful understanding.
 Refresher training course for new learners should be repeated by a professional QuickBooks trainer after 3 months or atleast twice in a year addressing only key areas new learners are having difficulties.
 Ensure completeness, and accuracy of recording and accounting of financial transactions to the relevant books of accounts in QuickBooks with related supporting financial documentation;
 Trainees will be able to verify compliance of reported expenditures in comparison with reports from QuickBooks systems to the provisions of the Project Partnership agreement and Approved budget.
 Trainees are able to evaluate Financial Reports generated in the QuickBooks system in order to make sure that it gives a fair view of the financial situation, and that donor funds have been properly used for the intended purposes as per the set Project Partnership Agreement;
 The training will cover filing and retrieving/tracing of financial documents relating to project funded by Donors from QuickBooks.
 Address weaknesses in cash management,excessive use of cash payments & Petty Cash usage in QuickBooks
 Asset & fleet management & reporting-fixed asset listings, vehicle mileage and usage

Our Non-profit Quick books comprehensive training topicswill Include:
• The Home page starting and navigating through QuickBooks.

• The Centers (Working in Customer or Donors/ Banking /List/ Company/Vendors /Banking / Reports).
• Edit- Setting Quick books preferences.
• Using Lists: The Chart of Accounts (creating accounts and sub accounts) and nominal codes or account numbers.
• Set and closing of book of accounts
• Manually payment of Salaries, Personal Income Tax and NSSF in quick books.
• Using Lists(Item List, Fixed asset, sales tax code, tracking taxes, class list)
• Planning and budgeting Set up budgets for Projects, budget vs actual expenditures reports) Enter Bills & Pay Bills, make deposits, receive payments, write checks, class list, dealing with petty cash, setting up petty cash in quick books.
• Activating Multi currencies in quick books– United States Dollar & South Sudanese Pounds, calculating daily exchange rates.
• Record and Depreciate assets in quick books, set up of user accounts, passwords and user permissions, making journal entry, entering of vehicle mileage, Fixed Asset listing, daily to do list covering setting up priority tasks eg High, Medium and Low tasks with time and date of meetings.
• Understanding and fixing opening balance equity or changing or adding an equity opening balance, making journal entries.
• Banking- Transfer of funds, how to reconcile your bank statement manually in quick books and how to undo bank reconciliation and importing pdf file bank statements into quick books.
• Access of reports in quick books
• Fixed Asset listings
• Setting Up Inventory
• Creating Inventory Items
• Creating a purchase orders
• Receiving Item with a Bill or receiving inventory)
• Adding Items for Services
• Making Inventory quantity adjustments in quick books
• Set Up of a supplier/ Vendor and Print 1099/1096 Forms
• Record a refund from a vendor/ Entering Vehicle Mileage
• Common Mistakes to avoid in making under Vendors section
• Tests. Trainee Examination tests on subjects taught.

Quickbooks various Editions software are also available. You can place an order for Training and Software installation services.
Call Eskallade Technology now today Herman Williams at Tel: (+211) 920 929 995 / 912 254 975 – Email:[email protected] or request a consultation quote now. We offer a wide variety of non-profit accounting services to save you time and money. Our training charges are competitive. To share more information about your QuickBooks training needs. We would love to help your organization.
Please see as attached letter references of National NGOs in South Sudan that we have trained on comprehensive QuickBooks accounting softwareEskallade QB Recommendation letters (695.3 KB)