.Nairobi Training. Human Resources Management & Organisational Development July 29th-2nd August,2019

Human Resource & Organizational Development Professional Short Course
About ASPM
The Africa School of Project Management (ASPM) was established in the year 2000 in Kenya as a membership based professional management organisation.
The school has been pivotal in capacity building in South Sudan, South Africa, Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Somalia, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. The school has trained over 12,000 staffs who are involved in different projects and also conducted surveys, evaluations and research in different projects and businesses in Africa.

Learning Contents

Defining Human Resources Development
The Evolution of HRD
Strategic HRD
The Relationship between HRD and Human Resources Management
HRD Functions
Roles and Competencies of HRD Professionals
2 Learning and HRD
Defining Learning
Learning and Instruction
Maximizing Learning
Individuals Differences in Learning
Learning Strategies and Styles
Recent Developments
3 Organization-Wide Learning Issues
The Theory of the Learning Organization
The Learning Organization in Practice
4 Assessment of HRD Needs
Defining Needs
Strategic/Organizational Analysis
Task Analysis
Person Analysis
The HRD Process Model Debate
5 Designing and Implementing Effective Training
Determining Objectives
Developing Content
Training Methods
6 Evaluating Training Programs
The Purpose of Evaluation
Framestrong textworks of Evaluation
7 Employee Socialization and Orientation
Defining Socialization Perspectives, Methods, Programs
8 Performance Management and Coaching
Defining Coaching
Coaching and Performance Management
Coaching Methods
Coaching Skills
9 Employee Counselling Services
Defining Counselling
Employee Assistance Programs
Stress Management Interventions
Employee Wellness and Health Programs
Issues in Employee Counseling
10 Career Management and Development
Defining Career
Life Cycle and Careers
Models of Career Development
Career Management
Roles in Career Management
Practices and Activities
Issues in Career Development
13 Management Education and Development
Defining Management Development
The Nature of Managerial Work
Management Education
Management Training
Personal/Self Development
14 Organization Development and Change
Defining Organization Development OD
OD and Planned Change
The OD Process
Contemporary OD
15 Job requirements
The role and importance of jobs
Relationship of job requirements to HRM functions
Job analysis
Job design
Human resources planning and recruitment
Human resources planning
Recruiting within the organization
Recruiting outside the organization
Recruitment of protected classes
17 Selection
Matching people and jobs
Sources of information about job candidates
The employment interview
Employment tests
Reaching a selection decision
18 Career development
Phases of a career development program
Career development programs for special groups
Personal career development
Appraising and improving performance
Performance appraisal programs
Performance approval methods
Appraisal interviews
Improving performance
Safety and health
Legal requirement for safety and health
Creating a safe work environment
Creating a healthy work environment
The management of stress
The dynamics of labor relations
The labor relations process
Structures, functions, and leadership of labor unions
Government regulation of labor relations
Labor relations in the public sector
Contemporary challenges to labor organizations
22 Legal and Ethical Issues and Practices Related to Human Resources
Historical Perspectives
Ethical Issues
Personal and Organizational Ethical Practices
Fee information:
The tuition fee is US D 1,300 Exclusive VAT. The rate caters for;
• Six hours training every day
• Training materials on soft/hard
• Certificate
• Meals at 10Am, Lunch, 4Pm,
Airport Transfer,
Tour the National park

How to Register.
Kindly, apply through the online application form at… http://www.aspm.co.ke/index.php/online-application or drop us email at [email protected])