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Alliance for Action AID, AFAA, is a national non-governmental organization that was founded in 2016 by group of influential elders in Panyinjiar County, Unity State, and other South Sudanese health professionals who saw the challenges and consequences of years of prolonged conflict and under-investment in health services in remote rural communities which then encouraged a vicious cycle of poverty that in turn drives a high incidence of communicable diseases due to poor health and nutrition services coupled with a lack of access to clean drinking water and increasing incidences of gender based violence towards women and girls. AFAA operates a replicated integrated Health model which provide integrated health services through an area based approach that links those services with community in Panyinjiar County, Unity State. AFAA core programme model focuses on Integrated Primary Health Care Units (the first point of contact to health services within the health care structure implemented by the South Sudan Ministry of Health), this PHCU includes integrated mobile clinic whose outreach program is supported by networks of community Health Workers (CHW’S) identified through the Boma Health initiative implementation. Our approaches are based on humanitarian and developmental programs through a replicated integrated health model which provide integrated health services through an areas base approach that links those services with communities. Beyond integrated health services, AFAA, also delivers complementary actions in nutrition, WASH, and protection. These integrated services are delivered through partnerships and direct Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU).

OUR VISION STATEMENT: We seek hope, tolerance and social justice for all mankind to save lives and alleviate human suffering so that people live in peace, dignity, and security.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT. To serve the most vulnerable communities, individuals and families in South Sudan who are affected by the conflict and natural disasters

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