Multi-Hazard risk assessment Training 19th - 28th August 2019

Event Details: Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Training


This course deals with the procedures to collect, analyze and evaluate spatial information for risk assessment from natural and human-induced hazards (such as geological hazard, hydro-meteorological hazards, environmental hazards and technological hazards). The course will guide you through the entire process of risk assessment, on the basis of a case study of a city exposed to multiple hazards, in a developing country (Risk City). Also a number of case studies are used from Europe (Italy, France), China, and Georgia.


  • understand the concepts of hazard assessment, elements at risk mapping, vulnerability assessment, and risk assessment;
  • formulate the spatial data requirements for risk assessment;
  • generate an elements at risk data base using GIS;
  • formulate the requirements of hazard data and methods;
  • apply various methods for vulnerability assessment;
  • generate risk maps using qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • have insight in how a risk assessment could be carried out in your own situation;


  • introduction to disaster risk management and risk assessment
  • Obtaining spatial data for risk assessment
  • Presentation of data requirements for the various types of hazards. Sources of spatial data.
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Hazard types; Main concepts of hazard assessment; Frequency magnitude – relationships
  • Types of vulnerability; social vulnerability; physical vulnerability; methods for vulnerability assessment; participatory GIS; Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management
  • Risk evaluation; risk governance; risk communication; cost-benefit analysis; Using risk information for emergency planning; spatial planning, and Environmental Impact Assessment


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